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 Unique and inspiring experiences are what makes life worth living and what better way to do this with a partner organization that work in Africa! Khaya is based in Africa and works directly with a range of unique projects and programs for volunteering, gap year experiences, school group travel and internships

The meaning of ‘Khaya" is home or homestead in Xhosa which is spoken in South Africa and that is exactly what we strive to provide for you, family volunteering, school groups and gap year students.  
Founded in 2005 Khaya has proved itself to be a reliable partner for many volunteers, students and groups who choose well organized programs and internships, local support structures and affordability. 
At Khaya Volunteer Projects, we make our guests feel part of Africa and encourage them participate instead of being merely a tourist. We will show you an Africa you won’t easily find yourself. 
  If you choose Khaya to organize your volunteering experience, you will feel secure, looked after and well-informed.  

The volunteering projects we offer are both unique and affordable while still offering all inclusive services. 
Based in Africa, Khaya Volunteer Projects assists local partners and projects in Africa while focusing on responsible and ethical volunteering. Volunteers from around the world have the opportunity to uplift and support volunteer projects in South Africa, Namibia, Malawi & Tanzania.

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Work and live with people from all over the world, and meet local people who know and love your host country!

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Voluntouring in South Africa

Hola hola, Its Tati!

Voluntouring? No, I didn’t make that word up and it’s not a typo. This is a concept that has become very popular over the last few years. This is when people volunteer overseas while they travel. I’m not gonna lie and say I wanted to be Mother Teresa and was looking for this directly, I just happened to stumble upon it. I had made up my mind about wanting to visit Africa, specifically to go on a safari.

Through The Eyes of Sophie: Volunteer Experience South Africa

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