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Broadening my Perspective - How travelling abroad ensures my chances of a greater future

My name is Sophie, I am a 24-year-old French lady. In July 2018 I graduated with a master’s degree in business school. During my studies I worked as an optician which became monotonous for me and that is when I decided to do something different with my life, I decided to travel. Travelling was always something that I wanted to do, and this was the perfect time to do it.

African Time

Waiting at a border post in Zambia it became clear again how time and the use and measure of it is so different in Africa from where I grew up. I am watching a man behind a desk standing in one of the queues I will have to stand in that morning.

Charity in Africa; helping or harming?

Some have given up on Africa, aid and charity have proven to be inadequate and merely keeps the industry of ‘international aid’ alive as so much of their funds disappear in the massive overheads of advisors and committees. Some however still believe that aid and charitable efforts in Africa help and improve something.

Lien's Volunteer Journey Part 5

One of my favorite things to do in South Africa, is hiking. The country is so beautiful with its nature and mountains and the weather is perfect, so nothing better than going on a good hike. I’ve done quite a few so far, but there are three that got a special place in my heart, because I liked them so much! 

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