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map of malawiNew adventures await....

Working at Khaya means a job that is diverse and surely has some bonusses. For project development and new partnerships I will be travelling to the green heart of Africa; Malawi the next 2 weeks.

girl with headdressAfter the first hectic week of going new places and meeting new people, the second and third weeks in South Africa were about finding a routine and building relationships. While serving at the Human Dignity Centre, I spent hours and hours with the children of Walmer. I’ll never forget how, as I read the classic bedtime story Guess How Much I Love You to one of the kids, he said, “Oh, I ate one of those once!” in reference to the hares, or how one of the girls used my colorful scarf as a headwrap (duku) and then posed like a queen.

De eerste week
dutch schoolkidsEn ja hoor na al die maanden voorbereiding, harde werken en sponsors werven zijn we er eindelijk! In Port Elizabeth!!!

De reis begon natuurlijk met de busreis naar Schiphol Amsterdam. Iedereen moest afscheid nemen van zijn familie en dat is natuurlijk geen pretje. Er zijn wat traantjes gelaten maar de busreis was na 10 minuten al weer vol met gezelligheid.  Toen we eenmaal in Schiphol waren gingen we ons 'boarding ticket' uitprinten en naar het gedeelte waar iedereen bang voor was. Helaas is de nachtmerrie voor sommige uitgekomen. Koffer op de band en ja hoor, 24 kg. Gelukkig was het makkelijk te verhelpen door wat spullen in de handbagage te doen.

woman and orphanVolunteering is a concept foreign to some and more familiar to others, but to volunteer in Africa with an organization such as Khaya is a concept that is gaining more and more interest.

Maybe I can explain you more about why Khaya offers volunteering projects and what makes us tick...

The Kingdom Wildlife Sanctuary

cheetahThe Kingdom Wildlife Sanctuary is an initiative led by the well-known lion conservationist Kevin Richardson. It is located on a Big Five reserve in Gauteng, South Africa. This volunteer program needs volunteers who are enthusiastic about wildlife and animals. It also offers volunteers an opportunity to be able to transform the way humans think of large cats.

Cape Town Community Projects

cape town childCape Town community project is a non-profit organization that aims to deliver care and support to improve living conditions for the community of Lofdal, Cape Town. They deliver through education, volunteering and self-development. This way they respond to a large number of needs in the communities.

Missionvale Care Center

kids at missionvaleThe Missionvale Care Center is a non-profit organization that was founded by Sister Ethel Normoyle in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. This organization’s aim is to focus on uplifting the community of Missionvale and as well as empowering the youth. The Missionvale care center has different types of projects that everyone can relate to.

Working as a volunteer with the Big 5

zebrasThe “Big Five” Safari Reserve is a unique volunteering project that allows animals to be re-introduced to the area where they once travelled aimlessly. This initiative is located in the Eastern Cape and is the kind of a project that requires the love for animals and nature. This project mainly focuses on monitoring and researching the “Big Five” (Rhino, Elephant, Lion, Buffalo and Leopard) and it also focuses on taking care of the reserve and provides you with the opportunity to live and work in the conservation area with these incredible animals.

game farm walkingThe African wildlife project is located in a private reserve named the Great Karoo in South Africa, with a landscape that has a lot of interesting history. This project’s main focus is on the on-going wildlife research and management of projects, as well as assisting in community development and environmental education project.

doctor injectionZanzibar’s population of nearly one million needs better access to quality health care. Preventable and non- preventable diseases are widespread and many health care centers are experiencing a huge shortage of doctors and nurses. The Zanzibar healthcare project in Tanzania is designed to attract volunteers to assist in improving the quality of health-care facilities in Stone Town.

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