Zanzibar Education Project

children learning"Education in its general sense is a form of learning in which the knowledge, skills, and habits of a group of people are transferred from one generation to the next through teaching, training, or research".

The Khaya Zanzibar Educational project focuses on bettering the education system in Zanzibar, Stone Town. Education is a joint responsibility; hence in this project we would like to ask for your help in making sure that the future of education in Zanzibar is bright.

There is a huge relationship between education and development, and our focus is to work hard and focus on the importance of education. We ask you to invest as a volunteer and improve all levels of education by taking part in our project. Let us remember that education is the key for a brighter future, by taking part in this project you are developing the community and that leads to developing the lives of the kids in Zanzibar and the next generation. This will definitely have a positive impact in the Zanzibar community socially, financially and environmentally.

As a volunteer, your tasks will be: teaching English in local schools, sports development and enforcing the importance of life skills and other educational activities. Raising the quality of education so that learners can be able to develop there’re own skills is one of our main focuses and we need you to help us achieve that. Having volunteers helping the Zanzibar community will not only give them hope for a better future, but also the sense of togetherness. This is teaching the community that “we are united” and it’s a good thing helping those in need, because they will remember your help for the rest of their lives and they will probably do the same for the next generation.

Education is very beneficial. Most importantly the well-being of the nation depends on the intellect of the citizens. It plays major role in everyone’s everyday life. The value of education is priceless as well as the value of childcare especially in this critical stage, and this is why we ask you to come volunteer and add the number of teachers in the Zanzibar local schools. This could be a career break or maybe a new career venture. Education is a rope that can tie us together. Be the change that the world needs and be a part of the Khaya Zanzibar Educational Project!


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