Handy Info For Travellers & Volunteers In Africa

If you’re a prospective traveller to exotic foreign shores, you’ll have a few (or a lot!) of questions and concerns.  Perhaps you’re also the type of person who wants to leave your mark on society in a small but measureable way. How can you do that? Where to go, where to stay when you get there, what to see, what to take with you?

Even seasoned, worldly travellers have to make wise decisions and plan ahead to fly off into the great unknown. Read on and find out how to take the trip of a lifetime!

Volunteer or Voluntourist?

Some travellers are opting to combine travel and volunteering, for a more affordable and memorable experience. Volunteering is a fantastic way to immerse yourself in local culture and contribute to society, as well as doing all the fun things travellers want to do – sightseeing in exotic locations and having a good time with like-minded adventurers!

As a volunteer, you have a lot less hassle when travelling. Accommodation and meals are already arranged for you as they are included in your volunteering fee.  Volunteering organisers are available to advise and guide you during your stay. And of course - you can apply your knowledge and skills to help out a community in need.   

Southern Africa is not to be missed for any traveller, with its amazing landscapes, abundant wildlife and friendly people. There is so much to see and do that several lifetimes would be needed to experience all of it. And if you sign up for a volunteering programme, you could be working with wildlife alongside some of the world’s most renowned game rangers. Or you can teach children, help out with orphans or in a hospital, train kids in sports, or get involved in adult education. If you can think of a way you’d like to contribute, there’s a programme available to suit your abilities, needs and budget!

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OK, give me a good reason to volunteer while I travel! 

Normal vacations can be pricey, but a volunteering vacation is priceless. You’re basically guaranteed an unforgettable and worthwhile experience. You get to realise that the differences between people are tiny and the similarities are huge. You get out of your comfort zone. You have an opportunity to lose a sense of entitlement and gain a sense of gratitude – something which will colour your experiences for the rest of your life. You get to experience how different cultures handle different situations, and how resilient and compassionate people can be. On top of these unforgettable experiences, you ALSO get to go on safari, swim and snorkel in warm oceans and lakes, climb majestic mountains and party hearty - affordably and safely, in comfortable accommodation with great people from around the world, with the advice and guidance of experienced volunteer co-ordinators.

Sounds good. What kinds of people volunteer?

Students, professionals on sabbatical, families, retired people, groups of friends – anyone can volunteer. Volunteering as a traveller offers you a number of options to suit you and there are no “super special” requirements to be a volunteer – although there might be age restrictions, or professional or physical fitness requirements at some programmes. Patience, positivity and an open mind are the most important tools in your kit.

So volunteering looks cool. But isn’t Africa dangerous for travellers?

Africa tends to loom large in our imaginations, as a beautiful but dangerously war-torn continent – fascinating, but no place for travellers! The fact is, it gets a bad rap in a lot of ways, and there are so many amazing places to see, people to meet and ways to travel to them safely -  if you do your homework beforehand and employ common sense. Perhaps you’re wary of what would happen to you in a medical emergency in a rural area, or what kind of accommodation you can expect at the various projects. What should you pack? What vaccinations should you get before you go? How do you avoid being the victim of crime?

Follow the guidelines set out in our FREE Ultimate Handy Resource Guide for Travellers and Volunteers in Southern Africa. It has valuable info on a number of different African countries, to help you make your decision. You can Get It Here, For FREE!

I would like to sign up as a volunteer – but I want to have a great holiday as well. What are my options?

Southern Africa has a large number of tourist operations to show you the sights. In the modern online world, it’s easy to employ some caution and make sure the group has a good reputation and lots of happy customers. If you like adventure and being off the beaten track away from the commercial tourist areas, there are some great options to consider. Travel from Cape Town to Dar es Salaam in Tanzania, discover beautiful Kenya, hike in the rugged mountains of Lesotho and the Drakensberg (home of the world’s highest pub!) and of course get to see the Big Five in their natural environment.

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