4 Tips for traveling long haul

When you decide to go volunteering, most people decide to do it overseas in a far-off destination. Of course, this is amazing; you get to visit a new country and learn all about a new culture, but there is a challenge to it as well, because you, of course, also have to get to that far off country and that means a long-haul flight.

The questions that come to mind when travelling abroad are,

What do I take on the plane?

What if my baggage doesn’t arrive?

What if I miss my connecting flight?

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Honestly its not worth it to stress about it. We learned from previous experiences and know that if you prepare yourself well, with the tips and tricks that follow, it can be an awesome experience.

1. Hand Luggage

You don’t want to make your hand luggage too heavy but there are a few things you should remember to always have.

First, make sure to always put some clothes in your hand luggage. Just one extra shirt, an extra pair of trousers and some underwear and socks is fine. So, in case your suitcase doesn’t arrive with you, you will at least have something to wear, whilst waiting for it.

Another thing to take is a power bank, or something similar. Unfortunately, many airplanes don’t have sockets yet, which means you can’t charge your devices. And who wants to end up not being able to listen to their own music because their phone has run out of battery?

Further on, take a toothbrush, toothpaste and some wet wipes with you. They will make you feel a lot better. You can refresh yourself during the flight or at the airport during a stopover.

Don’t forget your own snacks. You will get food on the airplane, but what if you really don’t like this food? You’re going to be very happy that you brought these biscuits and other snacks with!

Lastly, take some things that will make you feel more comfortable during the flight, like pillows or a blanket. Although many airlines offer these things, you can’t count on it that every airline does, and they are not always as comfy as you would like them to be.

2. Valuables

This counts for every flight, but even more for long haul flights with stopovers. Never put valuables like laptops or cameras in your checked-in bags. Although it should not happen, these bags sometimes get broken into at airports, especially in more remote countries and airports. When this happens, you do not want these things to be in your bag! If anything like this happens, also make sure to immediately report it to the airline.

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3. Stopovers

When flying here, the chances are likely that you will have a stopover somewhere. Whether that is somewhere in Europe or in Africa, always make sure that your stopover is long enough. Your first flight might just have a little delay or maybe you have to change terminals and that takes a while. You don’t want to miss your connecting flight because of this, do you?

Don’t worry about long stopovers. You easily fill up this time with going through security and walking to your gate, buying snacks etc. Most airports are also very well equipped with lots and lots of shops to wander around, or cafes to drink something at.

4. Choose the right airline

Before booking your tickets, do some research! Don’t just go for the cheapest ticket but chose a trustworthy and good airline. See what the airline offers you for the price, how much luggage you can take with, …

It’s nice to have cheap tickets, but it is even nicer to have a comfortable flight. So, do some research on the airline and preferably choose and airline that is known for their good-quality flights. It will cost you a little more money, but it will pay you back. See it as one of those cases where money does kind of make you happy.

With these tips and tricks, you can make your flight a great experience, so check out our awesome projects and start planning your volunteer trip abroad.

Have a safe flight and see you in Africa!

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