Broadening my Perspective - How travelling abroad ensures my chances of a greater future

My name is Sophie, I am a 24-year-old French lady. In July 2018 I graduated with a master’s degree in business school. During my studies I worked as an optician which became monotonous for me and that is when I decided to do something different with my life, I decided to travel. Travelling was always something that I wanted to do, and this was the perfect time to do it.

Unlike most people I know exactly what I want to do when I go back to France. The most important requirement for the job I want is to be able to speak English. I have always neglected this language despite my many travels but now I have no choice. I did not want to go to America or England, so I planned a trip to the other side of the world in South Africa.


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I found an organisation by the name of Khaya Volunteer Projects and had seen that they offer you an opportunity to do an internship in social media and marketing, so I immediately took advantage and now I am finally here for 3 months to give you the juicy details about my amazing journey in South Africa.

I arrived in Port Elizabeth on January 8th, 2019 and I will always remember this day at the airport, not being able to speak English and somehow the airline lost my suitcase. Nevertheless, I was picked up by the volunteer coordinator and we made our way to the volunteer beach house and met some of the people there.

One of my challenges was that everyone at the house could speak good English which made me feel like its going to be a difficult task for me, but this was my goal and I was determined to achieve it.

To my surprise the next day my suitcase was found and immediately I unpacked and settled into my room which I share with Jules, a cool Dutch girl of 21 years old.


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The next day I was a tad bit nervous as I started my work at the office as a social media and marketing Intern. I was pretty anxious because I did not know how it was going to work and I was scared because of my level of English. Being apart of the team at the Khaya office gave me the necessary motivation to want to learn quickly which at first was tough because I used Google translate but in no time, I progressed and could communicate verbally in a normal conversation.

The more days that went by, the more knowledge I acquired and discovered new things. I am very happy and grateful to be able to apply my marketing skills to a cause as great as this.   I am discovering little by little the heart of this organization which invests a lot of time to help people all over Africa. This is also not their only priority, we the volunteers are a priority as well. Khaya is a legitimate organization who cares about the well being and safety of its volunteers so much that without a doubt we can call this place our home away from home.

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