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Charity in Africa; helping or harming?

Some have given up on Africa, aid and charity have proven to be inadequate and merely keeps the industry of ‘international aid’ alive as so much of their funds disappear in the massive overheads of advisors and committees. Some however still believe that aid and charitable efforts in Africa help and improve something.

Cape Town and its volunteering opportunities

Volunteering in South Africa for many international visitors means going to Cape Town or somewhere in the bush if they join a wildlife or conservation project. We know there is a lot more to South Africa than Cape Town and throughout the last 10 years Khaya always has a small presence in Cape Town by providing 1 or 2 projects.

4 Steps to become a volunteer with Khaya

Does volunteering with Khaya appeal to you, but you need some direction on how to get started? No worries, we know it can be difficult sometimes, but here’s a guide to help you become one of us. Just read it through, and in no time, you’ll be in beautiful Africa!

4 Tips for traveling long haul

When you decide to go volunteering, most people decide to do it overseas in a far-off destination. Of course, this is amazing; you get to visit a new country and learn all about a new culture, but there is a challenge to it as well, because you, of course, also have to get to that far off country and that means a long-haul flight.

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