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blonde ladyThere are hundreds of articles on the Web about the benefits of volunteering – it’s the ‘right’ thing to do, it’s a great way to travel and meet people, you’ll experience personal growth and life lessons, it looks good on your resume, and so on. But it’s not as easy to find information on what many would-be or even experienced volunteers are asking themselves: “What specific benefits will I as a volunteer provide to the communities I’m supposed to be helping?”

So you’ve decided to volunteer overseas – you’ve done your research, you’ve found some projects that intrigue you, you’ve planned what needs to be done to get over there and get busy helping out. Just one tiny little problem – at the moment, you can barely afford a bus trip across town, let alone a plane trip to another country! 


woman and boyEveryone is different, so there are many different reasons why people develop an interest in volunteering.

Here are just a few, I’m sure you can think of more of your own.

orphansSo you’re thinking of getting out into the wide world and volunteering overseas? It’s worth your while to take a bit of time to learn about volunteering both as an industry and as an experience. In all likelihood, there could be things that surprise you, even you’re not a ‘first timer’.

Advice for parents

Your kid has just announced that he/she is contemplating to go on a volunteering trip abroad next summer. Before you shoot the idea down, take a moment to think about the possible benefits. Volunteering abroad can be a life-changing experience. Your child will become more open-minded and independent, and will gain a better understanding of the world. But, parents wouldn’t be parents if they weren’t there to protect their child against a possible bad experiences. With that in mind we’ve formulated this short list with practical advice for parents.

South Africa

South Africa is a rewarding place to volunteer. It has struggled to recover from the many changes that have developed in the last 20 years and many people live on less than a dollar a day. While townships have started to improve, poverty is still widespread. If you're an international volunteer in South Africa you will have the opportunity to provide the underprivileged population access to better education and healthcare. Fight for human rights and help build a working infrastructure!

Visiting a country as a tourist or as volunteer. What are the differences?

There are quite a few differences between visiting a country as a tourist or participating in a structured volunteering program.

Schedule and Responsibilities
games with childrenIf you are part of a volunteering program you will have some kind of schedule of where and when you need to be at your chosen project. There there will be certain responsibilities placed on you as well.

Volunteering abroad during a sabbatical

There are many practical reasons why you might be thinking about taking a break. Are you tired of chasing that promotion? Feeling run down and have a loss of direction? Bored? Need some time for yourself and your family? Lost a job? Changing careers? Craving adventure?

Volunteering overseas in South Africa can be the reset button you need in your life. It can revitalize a career, bring families closer together and give you a greater sense of yourself.

If after reading the previous there is still a shred of doubt left about volunteering during your sabbatical, here are four more reasons why you should definitely book your ticket soon.

Volunteering with your family: An unique experience

children groupIt’s not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of your next family holiday.

Going to a beautiful country like South Africa, Malawi, Tannzania or Zanzibar to do voluntary work instead of relaxing in a hammock with a cocktail in your hand while the kids are out on an organized holiday program.

Thousands of people visit facilities where they interact with lion cubs. They are encouraged to pet, cuddle and have their photographs taken with a cute lion cub. Thousands of people get involved in lion walking.  Thousands of volunteers wish to work at wildlife sanctuaries, particularly if they have lion cubs to take care of, to bottle feed, to hand raise and post the pictures on social media sites. Unfortunately those volunteers are contributing to an ugly industry; the industryof canned hunting and lion carcass trade.

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