Volunteering on Zanzibar, October 2014

 snorkellingVolunteering on Zanzibar is quite an experience and this is what has been up the last month!

We have been having a good mixture of volunteers (11 in total) with a number of Doctors and teachers which is so wonderful and we really appreciate this.

We had five (5) Medical nurses who are Sem, Hiske, Maria Theresa, Ivonne and Helene and the teachers who are Claudia, Harry, and Pamela;

Sem and Hiske spent two weeks at Fuoni Hospital and then later on they were shifted to Mnazi Mmoja Hospital where they will spent the next 8 weeks of volunteering in several departments.

The others are working at Fuoni hospital while our teaching volunteers are working at Siza and Lion King academy. They are really enjoying the projects and they are really cooperative to us and each other too.

The volunteers have been much engaged to their specified projects as well doing a lot of tours, it’s hard to find the volunteers at the house during the weekend as they love exploring the island.

They also have made great connections with kids from the streets and playing with them at the volunteer house, whcih is lovely to see as they really have created a good relationship with the local people and community.

We have also taken them out at night during the weekend which is a great way to finish a week volunteering.

Also, most of the volunteers rent bicycles nowadays it is like most of them do not love daladala and they prefer private bicycle riding rather than public transport for sure.

We were very happy to see ex-volunteer Anja from Norway again who volunteered in 2013 and came back for a visit. Always grreat to see old volunteers who became friends again. She even donated some items to the schools, hospitals and the mobile clinic. 

How was the donation money used? Please provide pictures

This month donations were done by Anja the 2013 volunteer, us and ivonne and Maria and who gave;

  • Books and stationaries to schools and orphanages
  • TsH 150,000/= to the childcare project
  • Microscope, tables and measuring scale to the mobile clinic department
  • Ivonne and Maria gave donations to the Fuoni hospital such as a stethoscope, gloves, lab coats and other hospital equipments making Dr. Abdul very happy!

We have been having a great time with the volunteers and apprciate their will to help and to come to our island to support those in need!

Team Khaya Zanzibar



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