News from Arusha, September 2014

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Second half of September

volunteers teatimeIn the last two weeks we had to say our goodbyes to the majority of our volunteers unfortunately. Marleen and Jelle are already back home and have to get used to the ordinary life in Holland and Belgium again. Simone and Maaike are enjoying a few more well deserved days/weeks on Zanzibar before they have to go back home. We want to thank you all for your cooperation, enthusiasm, dedication and love you showed us! We hope you had an amazing time and experience and of course we hope to see you again!

Despite of the goodbyes, we are very happy that we still have one last girl standing before new volunteers arrive later this month ;-)! So Kelly, we hope that you are enjoying your time with us and in the hospital. We really appreciate and enjoy your company!

In September we had the luxury of 4 volunteers at our Paskazia school. So in almost every class we had a volunteer who helped the teachers. Of course this helps the teachers a lot. The volunteers can give some extra attention to the kids who need it and it definitely is a lot more fun when the volunteers read a story with the kids instead of the teacher ;-).

Another advantage of having more volunteers at the center is that we are able to offer extra classes to the teachers as well. The volunteers can help them improve their English and computer skills. Because we had more volunteers we could split up the group into beginner and advanced classes. In this way we could discuss different topics in both classes.

Kelly is still volunteering in St. Elizabeth Hospital. The first two weeks she helped out in the surgical ward and at the moment she is working in the maternity ward. In the coming weeks she will probably change to other departments. We hope she will like this as much as she is enjoying maternity ward now.

Volunteer activities.

In the first weekend after Maaike’s arrival, which was two weeks ago, Maaike en Jelle went on safari to Serengeti. Jelle already went to Tarangire and Ngorogoro Crater, but wanted to visit this world-famous park as well before he had to go home. They really enjoyed their safari and were really lucky to see all of ‘the big five’!

That same weekend, it was Simone’s birthday. To celebrate, we had a nice birthday cake, of course the kids sang for Simone and the volunteers took the kids to town for lunch. Simone told us she had one of the most special birthday’-s she had ever had. Cool!

The next day, Kelly, Simone and Job went on a Sunday morning hike. Every Sunday morning there is an organized hike of approximately 4 hours, so this is a good weekly work out for the volunteers if they want. Kelly, Simone and Job really enjoyed their hike and the views, even though it was quite steep and hard at some points.

As we speak, Kelly is on a day trip to Tarangire National Park. We are looking forward to her undoubtedly awesome pictures and stories.


We are really looking forward to the coming weeks and are curious what this month will bring us!


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