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Newsletter Tanzania Tunawapenda Watoto Projects – first half of September

boy haircutA new month, new volunteers! We were very happy to welcome 5 new volunteers in the first week of September! Marleen, Jelle, Simone and Kelly; we are really enjoying your company and we hope you are enjoying your time with us as well! Unfortunately we had to say goodbye to Katrien already, but Katrien; we want to thank you very much on behalf of the kids and the whole staff of Tunawapenda Projects. We really loved having you here and we hope to see you again soon!

On September 1st, our Paskazia School had the first day of school after a month of holidays. We were so happy to see all our little students again! Marleen, Jelle, Katrien and Simone have been helping out in babyclass, middle class and pre-unity class the last couple of weeks by giving extra attention and help to the kids who are struggling with certain subjects. With the start of this term, we also started with tuition for ‘slow learning students’. Three days a week we have an extra class after school time for kids who are struggling with the subjects we are teaching that day. In this way we try to improve the quality of education we are offering.

Kelly is starting her volunteering in St. Elizabeth Hospital this week so we wish her a wonderful time, we hope she will learn a lot and that she will have a great African hospital experience!

Volunteer activities.

We have had two awesome weeks with our volunteers! In their first week, Jelle, Katrien and Marleen went to ‘the National Torch’. An educational but funny play in which the locals are informed about HIV/AIDS, political matters, hygiene etc. A very nice African experience for the volunteers!

In the following weekend, Jelle and Katrien went on safari to Tarangire National Park and Ngorogoro Crater with JV Tours. They had an amazing time and saw lots of animals!

When they were on safari, Marleen and Job took the kids to Arusha for lunch. The kids really enjoyed their chips and sodas!

Last Thursday, Job, Tinah and the volunteers went to Via Via, a nice outdoor club where locals and western people meet and have a good time. The fact that some of them had some difficulties getting up the next day proved they had good fun.

Another impressive experience was the visit the volunteers paid to the mum of one of our ‘orphans’. To see where and how they live with nothing else than a bed and a small pit to cook on was something that really affected the volunteers.

This weekend was pretty busy. Friday night, Job took the volunteers to Arusha where they had dinner, which they really enjoyed. On Saturday they attended to the graduation of some of the students of Margaret England Burks School (our partner school) and they watched a game of soccer with the locals in the afternoon.

After picking up Kelly at the airport on Saturday night the volunteers had an easy Sunday. They first took the kids to a playground near Arusha. While the kids jumped on the bouncer, slided from the slides and rocked on the swings, the volunteers drank something on the terrace. After that they visited the ‘Sunday market’ and had a wonderful dinner with the whole staff of Tunawapenda Projects to say goodbye to Katrien and to welcome Kelly to the Tunawapenda family.

We are really looking forward to the coming weeks and we are curious what they will bring us!

We are delighted with the donations the volunteers surprised us with! Simone, Marleen, Jelle and Katrien were well prepared and bought us sports material, games, a toaster (the volunteers and orphans are absolutely loving this!), sweaters for the orphans and they provided us with some extra funds which we have spent on food, the rent of our compound and for nice activities with the kids! We are very grateful, because this helps us a lot!


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