The Holiday Program And The Volunteer House - Maud's Journey pt. 4

The weeks here as a volunteer in Port Elizabeth go very fast. Last week we had three days holiday program with children from the township at the Jon Masiza primary school. Tuesday was the start and there were around seventy children. We made four groups for the children, green, orange, white and purple. When the children come to the holiday program in the morning between nine and ten o’clock, they get a color on their face with facepainting and have to say her or his name. That makes it structural. We have four groups with children because we had four categories: sport, fun games, art and dance.

We organize this because the children are free of school for two weeks and most of the time the parents have to work. Otherwise the children are alone at home or hanging around on the street. We would like them to have the chance to have fun with other children. The first two days we did loomen with art, then you make bracelets of plastic bands. It was a hype in the Netherlands by children some time ago. Most of the children can do it by their self. But one boy wasn’t finished with his bracelet and looked to me with tears in his eyes. I made one for him and he was very happy. They all were shining with the bracelets they made. The children get food when we were finished with the activities. They all get bread, fruit and juice. They have to share the bread, so when there are a lot of children they maybe get only one piece of bread and otherwise two. It is weird for us to see how happy they are with bread with peanut butter, they almost fight for the bread. They really push each other and they put the bread in their pocket and hope to get one more piece of bread. The second day there were around the 200 and the last day of the week there were around the 250 children. So we did a good job and can make a lot of children happy.

Now I want to tell you something about the volunteer house. We live together with around the 8 to 15 people. Most of them come from the Netherlands and from Germany. But everybody from every country is welcome. Sometimes we sleep alone in a room or sometimes you have to share a room with a roommate. We have a big living room and most of the time we sit there, so that we can talk to each other and have fun. Every day there are two people who cook and two people who do the dishes and we write that on a whiteboard. In the house we have good party’s for birthdays or when someone leaves the house, braais of course, we go out for dinner, laying at the swimming pool in the hope we will get brown, watch movies, we rehearse to sing songs what we show at the karaoke night at Barneys, playing games like Yenga, go to the beach, visit markets, chill on the couch, drink some beers, things like that. I like the house and the people in the house just as the amazing view on the sea.

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