Very excited children! - Maud's Journey pt. 10

I had a lovely visit with my parents and sister, but I was happy to see the Ilitha daycare children again, and they were happy to see me. Last Tuesday we went to an educational farm and the children were very excited. We went in two buses, and on the way the children were talking non-stop about all the things they saw during the trip. The farm was in Port Elizabeth and we had half an hour’s travel time.

When we got there, each child got a goodie bag with chips, cookies, drinks and a little toy. These are donated by volunteers, who also raised money for this outing - the teacher of the daycare told them they really wanted to take the children out, but had no money to do that.

After snack time, we went with the farmer to see the animals. First of all, we learned how to milk a cow. All the children had the chance to try it and I did too. It was a bit weird because it feels warm, and I did it wrong at the beginning because not a drop of milk came out. After milking, we fed the other animals - sheep, goats, ostriches, alpacas, chickens etc. Some of the children were a bit scared to feed the animals.

Next we went with the farmer on a wagon pulled behind a tractor and drove around on the meadow. A man came up to the wagon and he was screaming at the teacher in front of all the children. He saw her smacking her own child for crying and said: “Don’t hit your child, she’s not an animal, when I see you doing that again she’s mine.” I was a bit scared of him because he was screaming very loudly and he looked threatening. The teacher was shocked and she said to me: “I think that he thought the child was not mine.” I agreed with the man that you don’t hit a child, even if it’s your own child, but he didn’t have to scream this in front of all the children.

On the way back to the Walmer Township, the children sang the whole way. They sang a lot of different songs and every child came up with a different one. The child next to me was fast asleep - I think they were tired from all the exciting things they had done in the morning. It was great to be able to go out with the children, and let them see more of the world than just the township.

On Thursday we had the teenage girls’ group again. There were four girls and we wanted to talk with them about things they want out of life. We started the meeting off with the question “What do you talk about with your friends?” They didn’t answer and were very shy. We want to make it comfortable for them to talk about things we discuss with our friends. We also asked the questions: do you read educational books about life, do they teach you about life and social skills etc. We didn’t really talk much with the girls this time around, but we hope it will be better the next time. 


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