Oral Hygiene - Maud's Journey pt. 11

On one of the Fridays that we had the swimming lesson, it was held in an indoor swimming pool for the first time. It’s getting closer to winter now, so it’s too cold to swim in the outdoor swimming pool - the children will freeze and get sick. They were excited to see the new swimming pool, but it had one difference - in the outdoor swimming pool they were already a little bit scared of the water, but more so now because the indoor swimming pool is uniformly deep everywhere. Sometimes the children are so scared that they hang onto your neck and scream!

On Friday I went with the American volunteers to Sinathemba crèche to start the tooth hygiene program, which we had already started at Ilitha Daycare. The children and the volunteers at this crèche are very diligent with brushing every morning. The children enjoy brushing their teeth, which is great because it’s so important! Many of the parents don’t pay enough attention to their children’s teeth – often because they can’t afford toothbrushes and toothpaste. The children eat a lot of sugar as well. We really want to introduce this program at more crèches.

After the tooth hygiene program with the new group, we did sports for the grade 2 children at the primary school, together with a few Americans. Sometimes it was very hectic, because they are so enthusiastic. For example, when you form two lines of children to run a race, they all want to stand in front and don’t stay in line. Besides that, the classes are very big so there are a lot of children to handle. But it is very special to see how enthusiastic they are when you come to the classroom to fetch them for sport.

For the rest of the week I was at Ilitha, working with tooth-brushing, and of course lots of singing and dancing with them, as they love it. A women at the crèche asked me last week how long I’d been there and when I’m leaving. I have been there now for a long time, but in three weeks I leave. It looks like my favorite little boy somehow knows that I’m leaving soon, because for the last few days he walked with me to the gate when I left, and waved goodbye to me. That’s super cute. I will definitely miss them when I’m back home in the Netherlands.

On Friday after the working day was over and everybody was back at home, we went out for a hike. We went to the Sacramento hiking trail, it’s a beautiful place with rocks, green nature and the sea. A large group of us went on the bus, and we took lots of pictures. We gave the bus driver a picture of the group and him, and he was so happy, it was nice to see! He told us he would give it a good place in his house so that he can always see us. 


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