Volunteer Outing - Maud's Volunteer Journey pt. 12

The children at Ilitha Daycare this week were as happy as always. They give you lots of hugs and love to dance. We played games and learned our shapes, numbers, months of the year etc. We also had to be at the high school for the registration for the soccer tournament.

The soccer tournament will be on Youth Day at the Ulutsha Festival, which is a street carnival in Walmer Township, with music and facepainting, food, a drawing contest and a lot of cool games. All the volunteers needed to help on that day, to make it amazing for all the people. It’s all about having fun together and shining.

Unfortunately, because of the exams it was not busy at the high school, which meant that we had to come back later. In the townships they love competitions, but they also love to leave things to the last minute.  I think we will have enthusiastic people on the day of the event though!

On Friday afternoon a number of volunteers from the house went to see Logos Hope. This is a big ship with the largest floating library in the world. I’m not really a reader, but they said it’s interesting to see it once. I am dyslexic, but this didn’t stop me graduating in my studies. You always find a way to get to your target! Before I started with volunteer work and was busy researching everything, I was worried about my English skills. I wasn’t confident about my English, I wasn’t good at it, and hadn’t studied it for the last five years. But this didn’t stop me from doing volunteering work, because I wanted to do it no matter what. I thought I could always make hand gestures and point to things. I am very happy that I came to volunteer in South Africa; besides all the experiences, it’s been good for my English and I speak it much better now!

A few weeks ago we had to move to the other side of the house, because there are big groups coming to use “our” side of the house. At first it was going to be cramped for everybody, but the organisation had a solution - they knocked down the wall between the living room and a room next door. Everything is better now for a group.   

On Sunday morning all the volunteers participated in the Colour Run. It’s a 5km run during which everyone throws coloured powder in the air. There was a really good atmosphere, it was colourful, and we had fun. We all walked together as a group and at the end we got a drink and danced along with all of the other runners for a little while until we got hungry and left to get food. It was cold that day, but because we were active it was not that bad.


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