Lien's Volunteer Journey Part 3

I am a very lucky girl because I work at the Khaya office and we are constantly in need of new content for our social media channels, I get to visit the projects every now and then. I get to see what our volunteers actually do and how much they contribute to some people’s lives. I get to see how grateful everyone is to have volunteers helping them and how happy the kids get from playing with them.

During my time here, I have already visited a few of our projects in Port Elizabeth.

It started with Door of Hope, the orphanage where mama Gladys takes care of many children, both young and old. During the day, our volunteers go there to assist in tutoring the young kids who don’t go to school yet. The children’s faces light up when they see the volunteers and it is amazing to see. I went there for a full day, to help out and of course create content.

Next up I visited Human Dignity Center, in Walmer Township. HDC is a pre-primary and primary school for children whose parents don’t have enough money to send them to just any school. The volunteers assist the teachers in the class, help with handing out the lunch and play with the children during their breaks. I believe it is not always easy for the volunteers to work here because you can clearly see that these children live in poverty, but it does teach you a lot. Even after only being there for a day, it made me think of my own life, and about how lucky I am that I have all the luxury that I have. That may sound very cliché, but it is the truth. Volunteering makes you realize things you have never thought of before.

Lastly, I joined for a day at SANCCOB, the penguin and marine bird rehabilitation center, which was the best day ever! I mean, how cute are penguins!! I love them!
I think this is one of the projects where you can see the most progress and where you can see the difference you are making! It just made me very happy seeing all the volunteers trying their best to help the penguins and to save them from extinction.

I really hope, I get to visit some more projects soon, cause God, do I love it!

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