Lien's Volunteer Journey Part 4

So I have been in South Africa for a while now, and so far I have gone on a few adventures. I already told you about the project visits and about the trips to Barneys and Beershack, but there is so much more to do in this city!

I went to a performance of the Nelson Mandela University Choir. It was absolutely amazing! I genuinely loved it. It was everything you would expect from a South African choir. They were singing, dancing, and the enthusiasm was real. It was so cool to see, I am very glad I did that.

Later I joined for a trivia night at Beeryard. It was the idea of a local volunteer and we happily joined. It turned out to become one of my favorite evenings so far here in South Africa! We weren’t the winning team, but we did our best and had lots of fun, and we ended 10th out of 16, so it wasn’t even that bad. We could have been awarded the most enthusiastic team though, if only they would actually do that.

Then on a beautiful Saturday, we decided to go to Addo Elephant Park, going on a safari is a must do when In South Africa.  We drove around the park for hours, with just the four of us. The weather was nice, the vibe was good, the people amazing, and it became a wonderful day. We saw so many animals, of which some I didn’t even know they actually lived in Addo. There were elephants (well duuh, it is called and elephant park …), warthogs (a lot of warthogs!), zebras, kudus, dung beetles, tortoise, and many more of which I should look up the name, cause I have long forgotten them.

Anyway, I now feel like I have truly been in South Africa, and will happily return to Belgium…

Next up, it was Easter! That means days off of work, sleeping in, Easter egg hunts, and Easter brunches. We started off with a Easter egg hunt, with Nina, the volunteer coordinators daughter. She is an absolute sweetheart and told us she’d never done one, so we decided to organize one for her. It was so cute, and Nina was so happy! Good deed of the day… DONE!

On Sunday morning we organized a brunch for all the volunteers in the house. Everyone worked together to arrange everything and it became a wonderful morning. The atmosphere was super and we really had so much fun. 

The week after Easter, we found out about Ladies Night at Dockside. Ladies Night means free drinks for all women between 5pm and 7pm. They literally bring you a new drink, before your last one is even finished. You can only imagine how some people end up after these nights… We had a great time though and we will definitely go there again!

And then after a day of drinking, it was time to burn some calories with a beautiful hike. We decided to do a short one and chose the Grysbok trail. It starts right next to the Nelson Mandela University and takes you through a wonderful part of nature very close to the city. We walked for a while and saw the sun set whilst walking back and waiting for our uber. It got cold pretty quick after that, but who cares? We saw the sunset and sunsets are always a good idea!

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