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The Holiday Program And The Volunteer House - Maud's Journey pt. 4

The weeks here as a volunteer in Port Elizabeth go very fast. Last week we had three days holiday program with children from the township at the Jon Masiza primary school. Tuesday was the start and there were around seventy children. We made four groups for the children, green, orange, white and purple. When the children come to the holiday program in the morning between nine and ten o’clock, they get a color on their face with facepainting and have to say her or his name. That makes it structural. We have four groups with children because we had four categories: sport, fun games, art and dance.

Painting The Nursery - Maud's Journey pt. 3

Three of us volunteers painted a township nursery. We worked on it for three mornings, but it was a lot of work, so it isn’t finished. The nursery is a house made of corrugated iron. My volunteering work is in a colorful crèche, which I think makes children happy – so we wanted the nursery to be colourful as well.

A week of various activities! - Maud's Journey pt. 2

In the previous blog, I spoke about the after-school project. This week there was no after-school project due to the learners writing exams. Usually, volunteers from Izizwe coach the children in sports in the morning at the John Masiza primary school, and we have an after-school project with children at the Walmer Primary School. The children don’t train at a sports club, because that is too expensive – but sport is important for their physical and social development.

Introduction - Maud's Journey pt. 1

My name is Maud and I’m a 22 year-old woman from the Netherlands. I would like to share my experience at Ilitha Day Care in Port Elizabeth.

I have been in Port Elizabeth now for two months, at a volunteer programme in Walmer Township. I came to South Africa to help other people in the world, and especially children. Every morning, I wave my hand at the classroom door, to be greeted by all the children shouting “Teacher, teacher!” Then I show my face, and I see all the smiles on the faces of the children. They all run to me and give me a high five. That makes me very happy!

Volunteer field report from a business school in paradise

The island archipelago of Zanzibar, just off the coast of East Africa in the tropical Indian Ocean, is perceived as one of the most exotic and beautiful destinations on Earth. It’s a must-visit for lovers of nature, with pristine beaches, fascinating cultural diversity, and a sense of history mostly untouched by modern influences.

As with all African countries, however, this is only a small part of the picture. The Zanzibari people undergo many trials and challenges in their daily lives related to limited income opportunities. Keeping up to date with modern business methods and technologies can be extremely difficult even in developed countries. Few people in Zanzibar are lucky enough to receive anything but the most basic education. Subjects that many take for granted in the West, such as marketing and business skills, are all but unheard of.

Dances with Cheetahs – a month volunteering in the African bush

Recently, Khaya Volunteer Projects received some feedback from a young lady named Seraina Rioult-Pedotti, who signed up for a month-long volunteering stint at the African Bush and Wildlife Experience project, and had the opportunity to get up close and personal with some of Southern Africa’s creatures great and small.

This project is located on a 27 000 hectare nature reserve in the Eastern Cape of South Africa; almost 300km from the nearest major city and tucked deep in the heart of the majestic, primeval mountains and plains of the Great Karoo. It’s breathtaking and an absolute must-see for nature and wildlife lovers worldwide.

pe volunteersUpdate from PE


Second update from our volunteers in Port Elizabeth to see what they have been doing!

It has been a while now, so let’s not wait any longer and tell you more about the experiences of our volunteers and colleagues in Port Elizabeth before the holiday season starts!

Over the last couple of weeks we had to say goodbye to Claire, Eva, Frederique, Nora and Tessa, thanks a lot for your help ladies!

Newsletter Tanzania Tunawapenda Watoto Projects–


teatimeAfter being with us for eight weeks and bringing us so much joy, happiness and energy, we were all very sad that we had to say goodbye to Kelly in the second week of November. We hope she enjoyed her stay with us and that she had an unforgettable experience! We hope that we will meet each other again one day.

Take it easy, that’s fast enough!

janneBefore I went to South Africa a lot of people asked me: ‘Janne, please don’t fall in love with South Africa’ and ‘Please come back home after your internship?’ I laughed at them and shrugged it off thinking ‘What a stupid question, why wouldn’t I come home?’
Looking back at those conversations I have to admit that I totally understand why people fall in love with this country. The landscape, the culture, the people… I love it!

 snorkellingVolunteering on Zanzibar is quite an experience and this is what has been up the last month!

We have been having a good mixture of volunteers (11 in total) with a number of Doctors and teachers which is so wonderful and we really appreciate this.

We had five (5) Medical nurses who are Sem, Hiske, Maria Theresa, Ivonne and Helene and the teachers who are Claudia, Harry, and Pamela;

Sem and Hiske spent two weeks at Fuoni Hospital and then later on they were shifted to Mnazi Mmoja Hospital where they will spent the next 8 weeks of volunteering in several departments.

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