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giraffe watchingThere has always been a great deal of focus on, and information aimed at, individual overseas volunteers – brave souls heading out into the wide blue yonder to a foreign country, alone and vulnerable but ready and willing to pitch in where help is needed. Indeed, the whole process of volunteering might well appeal especially to rugged individualists, those who want to dip their toes into strange waters, immerse themselves in exotic cultures, and leave behind everything comfortable and familiar.

schoolkidsIt takes a whole village to raise a child – this is a well-known West African (Igbo) saying, and one taken to heart by volunteers who are drawn to working with children. Children have a special place in the hearts of most people, especially if they’re poor, orphaned or disabled and in need of your love, care and affection.  Generally, it’s accepted that volunteering with kids is likely to be pleasant and easy if you have an affinity with them, and there can only be positive outcomes for the children, their community and your volunteer experience.

Dances with Cheetahs – a month volunteering in the African bush

Recently, Khaya Volunteer Projects received some feedback from a young lady named Seraina Rioult-Pedotti, who signed up for a month-long volunteering stint at the African Bush and Wildlife Experience project, and had the opportunity to get up close and personal with some of Southern Africa’s creatures great and small.

This project is located on a 27 000 hectare nature reserve in the Eastern Cape of South Africa; almost 300km from the nearest major city and tucked deep in the heart of the majestic, primeval mountains and plains of the Great Karoo. It’s breathtaking and an absolute must-see for nature and wildlife lovers worldwide.

blonde ladyThere are hundreds of articles on the Web about the benefits of volunteering – it’s the ‘right’ thing to do, it’s a great way to travel and meet people, you’ll experience personal growth and life lessons, it looks good on your resume, and so on. But it’s not as easy to find information on what many would-be or even experienced volunteers are asking themselves: “What specific benefits will I as a volunteer provide to the communities I’m supposed to be helping?”

pe volunteersUpdate from PE


Second update from our volunteers in Port Elizabeth to see what they have been doing!

It has been a while now, so let’s not wait any longer and tell you more about the experiences of our volunteers and colleagues in Port Elizabeth before the holiday season starts!

Over the last couple of weeks we had to say goodbye to Claire, Eva, Frederique, Nora and Tessa, thanks a lot for your help ladies!

South Africa

South Africa is a rewarding place to volunteer. It has struggled to recover from the many changes that have developed in the last 20 years and many people live on less than a dollar a day. While townships have started to improve, poverty is still widespread. If you're an international volunteer in South Africa you will have the opportunity to provide the underprivileged population access to better education and healthcare. Fight for human rights and help build a working infrastructure!

Visiting a country as a tourist or as volunteer. What are the differences?

There are quite a few differences between visiting a country as a tourist or participating in a structured volunteering program.

Schedule and Responsibilities
games with childrenIf you are part of a volunteering program you will have some kind of schedule of where and when you need to be at your chosen project. There there will be certain responsibilities placed on you as well.

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