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Volunteering abroad during a sabbatical

There are many practical reasons why you might be thinking about taking a break. Are you tired of chasing that promotion? Feeling run down and have a loss of direction? Bored? Need some time for yourself and your family? Lost a job? Changing careers? Craving adventure?

Volunteering overseas in South Africa can be the reset button you need in your life. It can revitalize a career, bring families closer together and give you a greater sense of yourself.

If after reading the previous there is still a shred of doubt left about volunteering during your sabbatical, here are four more reasons why you should definitely book your ticket soon.

Newsletter Tanzania Tunawapenda Watoto Projects–


teatimeAfter being with us for eight weeks and bringing us so much joy, happiness and energy, we were all very sad that we had to say goodbye to Kelly in the second week of November. We hope she enjoyed her stay with us and that she had an unforgettable experience! We hope that we will meet each other again one day.

Take it easy, that’s fast enough!

janneBefore I went to South Africa a lot of people asked me: ‘Janne, please don’t fall in love with South Africa’ and ‘Please come back home after your internship?’ I laughed at them and shrugged it off thinking ‘What a stupid question, why wouldn’t I come home?’
Looking back at those conversations I have to admit that I totally understand why people fall in love with this country. The landscape, the culture, the people… I love it!

Volunteering with your family: An unique experience

children groupIt’s not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of your next family holiday.

Going to a beautiful country like South Africa, Malawi, Tannzania or Zanzibar to do voluntary work instead of relaxing in a hammock with a cocktail in your hand while the kids are out on an organized holiday program.

Thousands of people visit facilities where they interact with lion cubs. They are encouraged to pet, cuddle and have their photographs taken with a cute lion cub. Thousands of people get involved in lion walking.  Thousands of volunteers wish to work at wildlife sanctuaries, particularly if they have lion cubs to take care of, to bottle feed, to hand raise and post the pictures on social media sites. Unfortunately those volunteers are contributing to an ugly industry; the industryof canned hunting and lion carcass trade.

 snorkellingVolunteering on Zanzibar is quite an experience and this is what has been up the last month!

We have been having a good mixture of volunteers (11 in total) with a number of Doctors and teachers which is so wonderful and we really appreciate this.

We had five (5) Medical nurses who are Sem, Hiske, Maria Theresa, Ivonne and Helene and the teachers who are Claudia, Harry, and Pamela;

Sem and Hiske spent two weeks at Fuoni Hospital and then later on they were shifted to Mnazi Mmoja Hospital where they will spent the next 8 weeks of volunteering in several departments.

kellyIt is already been four weeks since I arrived in Tanzania, where I work as a volunteer (nurse) in St. Elizabeth Hospital in Arusha. What an amazing adventure and experience! You have to experience it yourself to fully understand how life is around here, but I will try to do my best to give you an idea.

The first few weeks were pretty difficult sometimes. The culture shock was pretty big and life is so different compared to the life I was used to back in Holland. But you get used to Tanzanian/African lifestyle and the ‘hakuna matata and pole pole’ way of living pretty quickly, luckily. When you get used to this life, you can also enjoy all nice and awesome things you experience here in Africa.

First update from our volunteers in Port Elizabeth to see what they have been doing!

blonde volunteer childrenOur lovely colleagues Job and Charles have been writing enthusiastically about our volunteers in Tanzania. Time to tell you more about our volunteers in Port Elizabeth.

“The best experience of my life”.

jelleThis is the best way I can describe the month I spent in Tanzania with Tunawapenda Watoto Projects. And although you have to experience it yourself to completely understand, I will try to describe what it was like for me.

Newsletter Tanzania Tunawapenda Watoto Projects–

Second half of September

volunteers teatimeIn the last two weeks we had to say our goodbyes to the majority of our volunteers unfortunately. Marleen and Jelle are already back home and have to get used to the ordinary life in Holland and Belgium again. Simone and Maaike are enjoying a few more well deserved days/weeks on Zanzibar before they have to go back home. We want to thank you all for your cooperation, enthusiasm, dedication and love you showed us! We hope you had an amazing time and experience and of course we hope to see you again!

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