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We at Khaya strongly believe in creating lasting relationships with the people and projects we work with. This is how we source our volunteer projects, and how these relationships happen!

Khaya forms partnerships in various ways, some completely random – like most things in life, these random meetings are often the most fruitful! Many volunteer programs have been operating for some time, with different partners and agents that source volunteers and assist them with promoting their projects - but Khaya takes pride in being quite unique.

Most programs we offer our volunteers are established by us, or we enter into a partnership to kickstart the concept of volunteering with these projects. In this way, we have intimate and thorough knowledge of our volunteer projects, and can send the right people to the right places.

For example, the Community Project in Arusha, Tanzania: when our founder Martijn van der Put was traveling in 2011 and met Pastor Charles at the project, he was impressed and immediately wanted to see how he could help. Pastor Charles was working tirelessly and achieving great things in his community with almost no support.  Khaya offered to work together with him by sourcing and sending him volunteers. This not only gave Pastor Charles much-needed extra hands; it gave him the financial means to continue uplifting the little school, and focus on income generating programs. Today there is a school for over 100 children, sufficient food and decent facilities for the children, a wood workshop, educational material and much more! This is due in large measure to volunteers and their contributions. Without them, this incredible organisation would not be operating at its current level in the community it serves.

Or - take a look at our Cheetah Rehabilitation Project in South Africa. Khaya formulated the unique volunteer program some years ago – where else in the world can you walk with and even hunt with cheetahs in their natural habitat! We assist the staff by coaching them in volunteer expectations, running an effective and successful volunteer program, volunteer accommodation requirements and much more.

Or - maybe Izizwe Projects in urban South Africa, which was co-founded by Martijn and offers daily sports and leisure activities to more than 300 underprivileged children during the school holidays.

We believe that building and maintaining lasting relationships with the organisations, volunteers and people we work with, and striving daily to understand and re-evaluate their needs via ongoing communication, allows us to forge a close bond for many years to come. Because together we can make a difference!

“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.” Vincent Van Gogh
“One Love, One Heart.” Bob Marley

If you run a program and are interested in exploring a possible partnership with Khaya, please do contact us.


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