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group at waterfallKhaya Volunteer Projects offers both smaller and bigger groups our specially customised tour programmes, focused on volunteering, cultural exchange, service learning and educational travel in South Africa.

Khaya can provide you with your full travel plan, giving you options of joining one or more projects, and combining this with special activities such as playing a sports game against a local team, learning how to cook local dishes, join a traditional dance workshop, going to a local highschool as a learner for the day, weekend hiking and camping, and more options to create a personalised program for your group!

School groups, church groups, students, corporate clients; all are welcome to contact us to look at the variety of options.

We stand out by offering high standards of service learning and value to give your group an unforgettable volunteer program combined with leisure and sight-seeing.

group at hutGroups that have used our services:

  • Vanderbilt University from Nashville, Tennessee, USA - 13 students June 2014 South Africa
  • Jan Tinbergen College from Roosendaal, Netherlands - 18 students July 2013, 2014 and 2015 South Africa
  • LYIT University from Dublin, Ireland - 9 students July 2014 South Africa
  • Fontys University from Tilburg, The Netherlands - December 2012, 2013, 2014 South Africa
  • Vrije University from Amsterdam, the Netherlands - 15 students July 2015 Zanzibar
  • Tilburg University, the Netherlands - 19 students July 2015 Zanzibar
  • Worldmapping, the Netherlands - 10 high school learners July 2015 South Africa
  • Youth Group Pandora from Spain - 12 high school learners July 2015 South Africa
  • International Student Volunteers - 5 Groups in 2016 South Africa
  • International Student Volunteers - 12 students June 2017 South Africa
  • Jan Tinbergen College from Roosendaal, Netherlands - 10 students July 2018 South Africa

If you are interested in a quotation for a community service-focused group tour or a program focused on conservation and wildlife, please contact us.

We will gladly supply you with reference letters from past groups, and offer all groups the opportunity to have educators to join them for free (applies from 8 students and up).


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