Fundraising for your volunteer travels

Fundraising tips

The decision is made; you want to volunteer abroad. Unfortunately, just like a normal vacation this will cost you some money.

Plenty of volunteers try to pay a part of their trip by collecting money through fundraising. This is a great way to spread awareness of your choosen project throughout your network and chances are that others are inspired by your efforts and will volunteer abroad as well or support the projects in need.

So how exactly can you raise money for your trip to keep volunteering affordable? Here are some ideas to inspire you;

Writing a letter:
- Keep it short and sweet, long stories don't help.
- Be specific, let potential sponsors know your fundraising goal.
- What is your motivation to do what you are about to do? That is probably an amazing story by itself which will motivate others to help you.
- Share details. Are you looking to expand your social circle on other continents? Is it part of your studies? Whatever it is, sponsors will want to hear about it.
- Make it convenient for your sponsors to donate by telling them about the procedure they have to follow and make things easy for them.

Things you can organize:
- Do something creative. I you are going to South Africa you can organize a traditional 'braai' (BBQ) and throw a little potluck for your friends. Chances are, if you're feeding the masses, they'll be happy to donate $5 or $10 to your cause.
- 'Bring' your sponsors along for the ride by creating a sign or logo for each sponsor and to tag them in pictures, updates and other news during your stay in Africa.
- Sell little hand made goodies that have something to do with your trip. Khaya can always help with beaded keychains, woodcraft or other items made by people at some of our projects offering them some income.
- Bake some delicious cakes and pies and sell them or cook some traditional African treats.
- Auction your services for a day. The highest bidder can use you for certain housework activities.

The list of possibilities is endless. Let your creative thoughts flow and you’ll come up with fun and fitting ways to win over the hearts of potential sponsors to support you during your volunteering stay in Africa.


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