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The Kingdom Wildlife Sanctuary

cheetahThe Kingdom Wildlife Sanctuary is an initiative led by the well-known lion conservationist Kevin Richardson. It is located on a Big Five reserve in Gauteng, South Africa. This volunteer program needs volunteers who are enthusiastic about wildlife and animals. It also offers volunteers an opportunity to be able to transform the way humans think of large cats.

Kevin Richardson is a self-taught animal behaviorist, who has broken every rule in working with these animals. He uses his love and trust to create personal bonds with them. He has special methods of discovering their individual personalities; what makes them angry, sad, happy or irritated. This has made it easy for the animals to accept him as one of their own. He has produced a number of documentaries that capture his relationship with these animals. Kevin Richardson’s remarkable connection with lions has opened many doors and captivated the imagination of many people throughout the world.

The project will give volunteers the opportunity to be involved in the restoration and maintenance of the Big Five reserve. They will also help in the maintenance of the sanctuary which was setup by Kevin Richardson for the animals in his care. The volunteer tasks may consist of:

Tasks in the Big Five area: monitoring and protection of rhino from poachers, fence checks and where necessary erecting of new fences or repairs to existing fences, new roads and continuing road maintenance, removal of invader plant species, removal of cattle and game fences to create open plains, as well as constant picking up of old wire and fencing from previously removed cattle fences, and routine patrolling in the bush for snares.

Lion enclosure activity: bush cutting, cleaning enclosures, food preparation, occasional building, painting, night enclosures, assistance on filming jobs for commercial or documentary work if needed.

Main Lodge activities: Packing, cleaning up the game viewing vehicles, occasional building, painting or repair work. Occasionally volunteers will be working at the office on rainy days doing filing and/or data capturing of feeding and health records.

In addition to that, being a part of this project rewards volunteers with the opportunity to be a part of this powerful initiative. Take a gap year, a holiday to South Africa, or a career break and experience working and living amongst the magical Big Five and getting a peek into the life and work of 'lion guru' Kevin Richardson and his lions.


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