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cape town childCape Town community project is a non-profit organization that aims to deliver care and support to improve living conditions for the community of Lofdal, Cape Town. They deliver through education, volunteering and self-development. This way they respond to a large number of needs in the communities.

This community-development orientated project resides in the poor, informal shack land of Lofdal and Kraaifontein, which are two of the Northern suburbs of Cape Town in the Western Cape, South Africa. This community has grown since 1994, residents relocated to this community in hopes of a better future. Many of the residents are currently on minimum wage and some of them are unemployed, which deprives them of the future they want for them and their kids. Work is scarce in South Africa, and that leads to unemployment, child neglect, and alcohol abuse to increase regularly.

The children are the main target; many of the children are dealing directly or indirectly with HIV/AIDS. Some of them are orphans staying with grandparents because of the the death of their parents due to HIV/AIDS. Sometimes they are not able to attend school regularly because of not having guidance and support at home. In cases like these volunteers are expected to step in offer guidance, mentorship and self-development. This is the reason why we need volunteers to be a part of this project, and help overcome these kinds of issues.

The volunteers will assist in: cooking, foster care, crèche, rehabilitation center, after care facilities, Grade R learning center, and gardening just to mention a few vital tasks. This is a non-profit organization, which makes it dependent on donations and volunteers. We can’t emphasize enough how appreciated volunteers are in this project. This project has a lot of different programs and it's highly appreciated if volunteers participate in many programs as possible.

The requirements for this project are not complex at all. The only requirements that are important to have are to love people and children.  As a volunteer you won’t be alone; the project has volunteers coming from Germany, the Netherlands, UK, USA, Belgium and many other countries. That way you get the opportunity of making new friends. This would be a good gap year from your studies or if you are specifically looking to volunteer in Africa. Working with a community in need, and learning about their way of life and struggles will teach you a lot about humanity, and you’ll get a chance to explore new avenues. This could also be a change in career, working hours are also flexible. Be the change you want to see and volunteer in this project.


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