Wildlife Project in Africa

game farm walkingThe African wildlife project is located in a private reserve named the Great Karoo in South Africa, with a landscape that has a lot of interesting history. This project’s main focus is on the on-going wildlife research and management of projects, as well as assisting in community development and environmental education project.

As a volunteer you will be involved in reserve rehabilitation and research, the research is in partnership with a various organization and universities with the same motion. Volunteers will be trained to be excellent in all required field techniques such as; data collection that can be used by management and involved organizations. While volunteering you will get the privilege of joining the tracker students and gain knowledge and understanding on how they track the animals and interpret their behavior. The project will definitely give you a deeper understanding of the bush and important skills that are currently used in scientific research. The project is monitored by two remarkable young South African ecologists who are passionate about nature and are happy to share their knowledge; the project coordinators will be staying at the volunteer’s camp, to make sure that everything is okay.

The tasks will be as follow

- Cheetah predator
- Aardvark project
- Tracking academy
- Reserve management
- Vervet monkey research
- Community outreach

The working hours will be Monday to Friday and accommodation will be at the reserve, volunteers will have their own camp. The rooms are very comfortable and maybe shared with a volunteer (depending on the numbers) we also cater for couples or friends travelling together. There is a fully equipped kitchen and meals are cooked by coordinators and volunteers together as a team.

This is a very exciting project to be a part of, you are guaranteed to learn a lot about nature/conservation and animals, this experience will be very useful if you might see this as a new career path.


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