Medical volunteering in Tanzania

doctor injectionZanzibar’s population of nearly one million needs better access to quality health care. Preventable and non- preventable diseases are widespread and many health care centers are experiencing a huge shortage of doctors and nurses. The Zanzibar healthcare project in Tanzania is designed to attract volunteers to assist in improving the quality of health-care facilities in Stone Town.

What is health care? It is “the medical field in which various services are provided to the public. Health care consists of caring for the human body by treating illnesses and performing other medical services”. It is not only about treating a disease or stitching a wound, it is also about caring for the person that you’re treating, making them feel at ease and encouraging them with positivity. Most people who have long-term diseases die not necessarily from the disease itself, but from the lack of care and motivation.

As a volunteer your tasks will be; helping with general care, physiotherapy, maternity ward and other departments within this hospital in need of support. You will be adding value with your expertise and saving lives. This could be a good start for a volunteer who has just finished college, or a volunteer who is keen on taking a gap year: travelling to Africa or a new country and make a difference in other people’s lives. This is also a contribution in developing the community of Zanzibar. Teaching them about humanity and how important it is to help people and be united. This may also appear as a new career path, traineeshhip, internship or work experience and you can do a lot just by helping.

Being a part of this project would mean the world to the community of Zanzibar. They are in desperate need of your help; people die every day mostly because of not having access to good-quality health-care. Join this project and help to save lives, remember…”as you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself and one for helping others”.


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