Travel with purpose: Volunteering on a whole new level

Volunteering is the future.  Why? Because volunteering means travelling with purpose. It brings about change in the world, and creates opportunities for young people to gain a global mindset. 

Millennials are more environmentally and socially conscious, they care about animals, about health, about people.  The future of our generation lies in the ability to introduce a new kind of lifestyle that endorses the upliftment of people in less fortunate countries by people who are more fortunate, and volunteering offers exactly this.  The thought of travelling abroad and visiting new places in the world sparks excitement at the thought of adventure and new sights but how much more uplifting would it be to travel abroad and make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate as well.  Millennials are tech savvy and want to be able to access anything anytime anyplace. At Khaya Volunteer Projects we provide them with the platform to do exactly that. 

The key here is being able to choose a volunteer organization that takes care of your wellbeing as well as to provide responsible volunteering projects that ensure that you can make a significant impact in the lives of others. Volunteering organizations, like Khaya Volunteer Projects, that take care of all your needs such as the provision of food, accommodation, and transport; gives you the opportunity to see the city, do weekend tours and to see all the beauty that the country has to offer. What we have seen over the past few months is that millennials who land here from foreign shores, learn deeply about empathy and cultivate a sense of gratitude from being involved in our projects. They get the opportunity to experience first-hand how some people in the world have to live and the hardships that they have to endure on a day to day basis. It gives them perspective on their own lives and makes them grateful for what they have back home. They also learn emotional intelligence as they have to be sensitive to a culture which is different from their own. Often they return to their homes, more mature, empathetic and sensitive with a clear sense of direction and purpose.  

So, the big question is what do millennials look for when planning on volunteering abroad?

The Destination

Millennials do not just think of travel as a luxury but as a vital way to gain experience and to grow themselves on a personal level.   Khaya Volunteer Projects offers a variety of projects that give volunteers the opportunity to really feel like the work they are doing is making an impact in the lives of others. 

Global crossroads states that, 2 of the most popular destinations in Africa are, South Africa and Tanzania.

“South Africa has had a long and complicated history. Hanging on the tip of Africa, the country is a wonderfully diverse mix of languages (11 official languages), cultures, and plant and animal life, and is often referred to as the “Rainbow Nation.” It’s impossible to get bored in South Africa with so much diversity going on, and for anyone interested in exotic plants and animals; South Africa is the place to be. But, amongst the people, there is also inequality. The gap between the nation’s poor and rich is becoming increasingly large, and that’s where volunteers are needed the most.”

Read more about South Africa here.

“Tanzania lies along the eastern coast of Africa and is one of the poorest countries in the world. Following many years of European colonialism, mainly by Germany, the country declared independence as the United Republic of Tanzania in 1964. Like most of Africa, Tanzania is incredibly diverse in terms of its language, population, and nature. It is the home to 120 different ethnic groups. The famous Mount Kilimanjaro is also located here. Unfortunately, Tanzania has been hit hard by the HIV/AIDS crisis, leaving many children orphaned. This is where volunteers are needed most. Projects generally take place in Moshi and Arusha. Apart from working in an orphanage, you can also teach English, work in healthcare, work on an HIV/AIDS project, or participate in a women’s empowerment project.”

Read more about Tanzania here.

The Organization

Millennials look for a volunteer organisation with a proven track record or that has been recommended by their peers.  A great way to gain knowledge about an organisation is by doing research; learn more about choosing your volunteering organisation here.   Transparency in everything and a clear indication of what volunteers can expect, as well as how their money is spent, is of vital importance and it should be easily accessible

Social Media

Most millennials follow volunteering organisations on social media, which gives them instant access into the organizations ethos, projects and volunteer experiences. Millennials want to engage with people who are passionate about what they do.  Facebook and Instagram are the most common platforms millennials use to interact with volunteering organisations around the world whilst at the same time giving valuable information away for free. Check out Khaya’s Facebook and Instagram pages. 

Free Volunteer Travel Guide

Information is key and should be available for free.  Offering millennials, a free travel guide that offers insightful and informative travel advice, is an invaluable tool to help potential volunteers navigate the complexities of an overseas trip.

Purposeful volunteering gives millennials the chance to make a meaningful change through their travels. It is an opportunity to develop new skills, and to find and create interesting activities in line with their desires and aspirations. Learning to work with people from different cultures teaches volunteers to become empathizing people who have a deep regard for the sufferings of others. They become global citizens, respectful of the humanity of others. Watch this video and get a taste of how millennials from all over the world come together to make a difference. 


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