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Swimming, No Sinking - Immersing Yourself In A Different Culture

“Picture yourself on a boat on a river...”

As a young child, when you first jumped off a boat into unknown waters - you might have been nervous of sharks or jellyfish, afraid of how deep or cold the water was, or whether you were able to swim back to the boat, or whether other people would notice and help you if you struggled, or even if you’d ever get back to shore again.

The Hard Facts Of World Poverty And What You Can Do

One of the biggest issues affecting societies across the globe is poverty, and its many causes and effects. Most volunteers naturally want to travel to developing areas of the world, as these areas are perceived, rightly, to be more in need of assistance when it comes to tackling issues like lack of education and basic skills, and resources in general.

Off The Beaten Track - 5 Alternative South African Sights Worth Seeing

Some of South Africa’s tourist attractions are worldwide icons: Robben Island, Table Mountain, Kruger National Park, or the Cradle of Mankind, for example. These places are rich in scenic, cultural and historical interest; and shouldn’t be missed by visitors to the country. But there are also places that are not quite as well-known, but have plenty to fascinate travellers looking for something different.

Culture Shock When Volunteering Overseas

Travelling of any kind requires an adjustment period once you touch down. If you’re a volunteer, you’re probably going to immerse yourself in a community very far away from your own. You’ll be living in conditions and performing tasks out of your comfort zone. Volunteers can undergo a range of emotions while settling into their chosen project and accommodation.

Molo Titshalakazi! (Good Morning Teacher!) - Volunteer Teaching In Africa

You’re probably familiar with the concept of teaching overseas, as an opportunity to live and work in a foreign community – it’s been a popular option for educated and adventurous folk since we were first able to travel abroad with relative ease. People used to associate teaching in a foreign country with paid work, through TEFL programmes or initiatives like the UN Peace Corps.

5 Top Tips On How To Choose Your Volunteer Organisation

Whether you are an experienced volunteer with a few trips already under your belt, or a prospective newbie who has just started out doing your research, you will want to make sure you choose the right organisation - one that has the best interests of you as a volunteer as a priority, AND keeps the welfare of the projects they are involved in close to their heart.

Township Life In South Africa - A Volunteer's Perspective

As a prospective volunteer in South Africa, you may have heard the terms “township” or “location”, and you’ve wondered what on earth they mean. Welcome to Township Life 101!

Throughout South African history, the terms “township” and “location” are what the local people have used to describe the neighbourhoods on the periphery of developed towns and cities. These areas were inhabited almost entirely by non-white people, who were not allowed by law to live in “Whites Only” suburbs.

Building Nations - Volunteering in Construction

One of the most fundamental aspects of being human is building dwellings and other structures – since man came out of the caves, we have ensured that our families are no longer at the mercy of nature, and we’ve had to opportunity to bond with other people and improve our communities with this most basic of functions – construction!

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