Arusha volunteer update, October 2014

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teatimeAfter being with us for eight weeks and bringing us so much joy, happiness and energy, we were all very sad that we had to say goodbye to Kelly in the second week of November. We hope she enjoyed her stay with us and that she had an unforgettable experience! We hope that we will meet each other again one day.

However, we were very happy that we were able to welcome two new volunteers too. In the last week of November Stephanie arrived at Kilimanjaro Airport. She will be with us for eight weeks and she is volunteering in St. Elizabeth Hospital. We wish you an amazing stay and adventure Stephanie!

And last but not least, we would like to use this opportunity to welcome Jasmijn. She arrived last week and she is also volunteering in St. Elizabeth Hospital. We hope you guys will be able to assist in the different departments and that you will see and learn lots of new things.

As time is flying, the kids of Paskazia School are already preparing for the graduation party for Pre-Unity Class. Last week, Middle Class and Pre-Unity Class had their ‘end of year exams’, so while we and the kids are waiting for the results of the exams, the kids (and staff) are practicing and preparing for the party on Friday. The graduation party will be the end of this school year. The school will be closed during the month December and the kids will enjoy a month of holidays. In the first week of January we will start with the new school year. The kids who passed their exams will join the next class of course.

At the moment it is pretty quiet at St. Elizabeth Hospital. A few weeks ago (when Kelly was working at St. Elizabeth’s) it was quite busy with volunteers at some point, but the majority of them has left now. This is actually pretty nice, because less volunteers means more work and patients for the volunteers who are working now.

The large number of volunteers was one of the reasons for Kelly to go and explore other possibilities in the area. In the end, she worked in three different hospitals/clinics. After St Elizabeth’s, she went to Arusha Healthcare Centre for Women, a small clinic in Arusha with mainly Maasai patients. And in her last week she worked in the local clinic in Ngaramtoni. She really enjoyed working in the other clinics, because she was the only volunteer at both of them. This means a lot of personal attention and lots of different things to do.

Stephanie and Jasmijn are both working in St Elizabeth’s now. They are both working in different departments, although Stephanie is doing wound treatment and skin burns primarily as she is a skin therapist.

Volunteer activities.

Last weekend the volunteers went to Moshi to visit the hot springs with some local friends. They had amazing time and made some new friends. The hot springs are really cool. In the middle of nowhere, in a ‘desert like area’ you find gorgeous hot springs surrounded by trees and bushes. While swimming you have a great chance of having some monkeys watching you.

Afterwards, the volunteers went back to Moshi for a nice barbecue and night out with their friends. The next day they enjoyed the sun and their day off and at the end of the day they went back to Ngaramtoni. A lovely way to recharge the batteries for a long week of work!

Apart from this weekend the volunteers like to spend their free time at the swimming pool or they go to town for a nice lunch or dinner. Next to that, sometimes they take the orphans out to town or to the playground. Both the kids as the volunteers really like those days.



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