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First update from our volunteers in Port Elizabeth to see what they have been doing!

blonde volunteer childrenOur lovely colleagues Job and Charles have been writing enthusiastically about our volunteers in Tanzania. Time to tell you more about our volunteers in Port Elizabeth.

First of all, let’s start by telling you a bit more about our team in Port Elizabeth and the projects we offer. Our team consists of Junayne, Lusi and Roos and together they look after our volunteers that are placed within the different projects. All volunteers live in one house near the beach. At the moment we have volunteers at Izizwe Projects: a nonprofit company that strives to uplift the lives of the children in Walmer Township by supporting local preschools, primary schools and organizing other activities, and at Missionvale Care Centre, that focuses on the people of the local communities and offers a variety of services such as education and health care.

At the moment are very happy to have Amber, Claire, Frederique, Janne, Jessy, Nora, Tanja and Tessa with us. We are really enjoying your company and your efforts at the project and we hope you having an amazing time as well.

In these first weeks of October we mainly focused on our holiday program that is designed to entertain and educate 150-200 primary school children during their holidays. A new and exciting program was created for this by our new volunteers and the first day turned out to be a great success, with 160 children attending the event.

Volunteer activities

We have had a great 4 weeks with a bit of challenges, but the girls have all contributed a lot to the projects and we would like to thank the girls for their hard work.

Within Izizwe projects our interns created some amazing ideas and initiatives. Frederique is busy with a dance projects to enable children to express themselves by means of arts ( dancing) to develop themselves in a positive way and to avoid them from criminal activities and to strives for a better life. She is organizing dance workshops to create more awareness for this new initiative together with the help of our volunteer Tanja.

Our long term interns Jessy and Janne helping us with the implementation of our holiday program and look at ways to redesign our sports program and how to implement social marketing and fundraising on a more structural level. Nora and Tessa are both working at the preschool and primary school and have put in a lot of effort to help the other ladies with the Holiday program.

Claire is the oldest volunteer in the house and she has done a remarkable job at one of our preschools. She is assisting the centre manager with the daily running of the school while the teacher is on pregnancy leave. Claire also enjoys the beautiful things South Africa has to offer. She visited Addo Elephant Park , one of the country’s national wildlife parks with a large amount of elephants and is planning to do more trips and outings.

Amber, one of the girls from the USA is doing a great job at the Missionvale Care Centre where she contributes a lot to the primary school and the kids just adore her.

We are really looking forward to the next coming weeks with all these exciting new initiatives and we are curious to the outcome of the dance projects and our sports program.

At the moment we are also quite excited for a group of 13 students that will come and visit our projects in November and we are quite busy with the preparations of that.

We are very thrilled with the donations of JTC College Roosendaal who volunteerd with a group of 20 in July this year and we can’t be more happier and excited. Thanks a million for this JTC, you guys rock and we would love to welcome you all back next year.



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