5 reasons why living in a volunteer house is amazing

When you decide to go volunteering overseas you have to make a lot of decisions, like what organization you go with, which country to go to, what kind of project to work in, and of course, where to stay.

Often your only accommodation option is a volunteer house. This can be a big house somewhere close to your projects, where you live with other volunteers from your project and maybe also other projects.

It might, at first, sound like a horrible idea to live in a house with loads of people you don’t know, but you really don’t have to worry. Living in a volunteer house is bloody amazing and here are five of the main reasons why.

1. Sleepover parties, all day, every day

The idea of sharing a house with so many people you don’t know might terrify you, but really it shouldn’t. Nothing about it should be terrifying. You should think of it as a big sleepover party, all day, every day. You get to hang out with your new friends all the time, who doesn’t want that?

2. Crazy activities without end

In a house full of volunteers, you have no time to be bored. There’s always something going on in or around the house and there will always be someone who drags you along with them. One day you go for a drink in the bar next door and the following day you find yourself doing a safari. Or what do you think of surfing, or partying?

hobie beach

Not so much of a going out type? Then stay in for a movie night with you friends or play a board game. Not a day will go by without you having done at least one fun activity!

3. No time for being homesick

Have problems with homesickness? Go live in a volunteer house because there you won’t get the chance to be homesick. There is simply no time for it. There are so many things going on around you that you will forget about your homesickness very soon.

And remember that if you actually do feel homesick, you will have all your friends around you to make you feel better again with a big hug and a nice talk.

volunteers dinner

4. Sharing is caring

A big perk of living with loads of people around you is that you can share everything. Of course, you will share a house, maybe even a room, a bathroom, the food … but have you thought about all the other things to share? Going to a party and got nothing to wear? No worries, there’s always someone who has some clothes that will look fabulous on you.

Ran out of washing powder? Just ask your roommate or your friend who sleeps next door and in no time, you will be able to do a big wash! Want to read a book, but finished all your own books already? Just ask around in the house, there will be someone who can lend you one.

5. Not a problem if you can’t cook

One amazing thing about the Khaya beach house specifically is the fact that you just don’t have to cook, ever! Our lovely cook, always cooks up a storm for us. So, all you have to do is divide who is on dinner duty which day, warm up the food and you’re good to go! It makes life a whole lot easier and again gives you a feeling of being in a normal home.

So, all in all, living in a big volunteer house with all your best friends from around the world sounds like a great idea, right?

See you in South Africa soon!



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